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Falcons Rookie Minicamp Day Two Recap

Day two of rookie minicamp, where the rookies who are looking great are separated from the rookies who are looking outstanding. This is a time for unfettered optimism and every rookie looks to be ready to have a gigantic impact next season.

Judo CHOP!
Judo CHOP!
Kevin C. Cox

Years from now, you will tell your grandchildren about where you were when you heard the recap of day two of the rookie minicamp. At the very least, the conversation should end better than How I Met Your Mother.

Some rookies looked good

I like the sound of this. Freeman is sounding like a guy who could succeed if Atlanta instituted some zone blocking. It isn't new OL coach Mike Tice's specialty but it is something he has worked in a bit and typically allows a less talented offensive line like Sam Baker to gloss over their lack of talent.

At the very least, Freeman has a chance to be the first guy under 27 to get significant snaps in Atlanta's offense since 2008 or so.

Some rookies looked great

Early returns on Prince Shembo are fantastic. Sounds like he may push Kroy Biermann for starting snaps with his versatility.

Rosenhaus wasn't the only person to say something good about Shembo. ESPN's Vaughn McClure had nothing but positives.

Prince Shembo, the outside linebacker from Notre Dame and the team's second fourth-round pick, showed tremendous explosiveness throughout the day.

Mike Smith had plenty of great things to say about Shembo, per Jay Adams of the

Notre Dame linebacker Prince Shembo might be the Swiss Army Knife of the Falcons' Rookie Club. Smith said Shembo's versatility is something the Falcons plan to exploit this year and it might just go further than you originally thought. Shembo was drafted as a linebacker, but Smith says Shembo can be a defensive end, an outside linebacker and an inside linebacker. "He's got the flexibility and, as you know as you've watched this defense develop and mature, we've got guys that line up in different spots. It may look like he's lined up as an inside linebacker but when the ball is snapped, he's doing the job of a defensive end. To me, that's the fun part of putting this defense together."

Shemo surprisingly made the top lists of everyone talking about Atlanta minicamp. He could have a very nice rookie impact that is rare for Thomas Dimitroff draft selections.

Some rookies are not rookies

If you remember the name Adam Replogle, it isn't just because Indiana Hoosiers are generally awesome and attractive individuals who you can't forget, but also because Replogle was on Atlanta's practice squad last year. The former defensive tackle has been moved to the offensive line under Mike Tice, according to Jay Adams.

[Replogle] showed something to the Falcons coaching staff last year, however, as a practice squad player that leads them to believe he might be well-suited to the other side of the ball, which is the impetus for the switch. Replogle has looked the part on the offensive line so far this weekend and offensive line coach Mike Tice has even had him do extra reps in team portions and drills to get him up to speed.

These switches are rarely successful but Replogle has nice size that would allow him to play along the offensive line.

Best of all, no one got hurt

Hard to tell too much from rookie minicamp, but an injury-free camp is a successful camp to me.

Anyone interested in any other prospects?