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Roddy White's Brother Shot To Death

Sad news for the Falcon family, as Roddy White's brother was killed early Saturday morning.


Our thoughts and prayers are with Roddy White and his family as they deal with the death of Roddy's half-brother, Tyrone Moore, Jr., the victim of a shooting in South Carolina.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank released the following statement Saturday evening.

We were all saddened to learn about the death of Roddy’s brother Tyrone. Roddy is part of our Falcons family, and families stand together in difficult circumstances. Roddy and his family can count on our support through this very trying time. On behalf of the entire Falcons organization, we extend our deepest sympathies and prayers to Roddy, his mother Joenethia, and their entire family.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Tyrone, 21, was shot following an altercation on Mosquito Beach and suspects were still being sought. Tyrone and Roddy seemed quite close, as Tyrone had lived with Roddy and attended high school in Flowery Branch.

We again express our sympathies to Roddy and his family during this tragedy.