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2014 NFL Draft was a $40 million investment for the Atlanta Falcons

Fact: Arthur Blank swims regularly, in his giant room full of gold coins

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Number crunching is fun, no? Well how about these numbers?!

The Falcons will, in the weeks ahead, sign their rookies. It's an exciting time, both for fans and for the young men who heard their names called during draft weekend. Designer suits will be purchased, mothers will have their mortgages paid off, and Golden Corral will order extra fake crab. It's like Christmas, just without the eggnog-fueled blackout and stockings full of Newports.

To sign their rookies, the Falcons will need approximately $7,382,238, constituting a $3,602,238 cap hit. But that's okay, because even with that additional cap hit, they're somehow sitting pretty financially. Counting their soon-to-be-signed rookies, the Falcons have a $118,907,105 payroll, $8,462,892 under the cap. That counts their $8,373,937 in dead money.

In short, for as active as the Falcons were in free agency, they could've taken it up a notch. But remember that they can bank some of that cap space, which wouldn't be the end of the world.

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