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The Falcons Bring In 24 Players For Workouts, Per AJC

The underdog's underdogs will get a chance to impress the Falcons this weekend.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

D. Orlando Ledbetter has a list of 24 undrafted free agents the Falcons are bringing in for workouts during their rookie mini-camps. If you thought the 20 UDFAs the team had already brought in were underdogs, feast your eyes on this group.

Full list is courtesy of the AJC, so give them a click at the link above, please.

Rookie Mini-Camp Invites

LJ Jones CB Fresno State
Danny O'Brien QB Catawba
Jestin Love S Central Arkansas
Keaton Stigger OLB Henderson State
William Wright C West Georgia
Javon Marshall S Vanderbilt
Brandon Heath G Delaware
Theo Agnew DE Georgia State
Dallas Lee G Georgia
Lonnie Outlaw WR Miles
Ethan Armstrong OLB Wisconsin
Drew A. Basil K Ohio State
Jake Holland ILB Auburn
Mike McLafferty TE Monmouth
George Makridis LS Ohio State
Kyle Koehne OT Florida
Josh Ford WR Kansas
Bryan Presume OLB S. Illinois
Kadeem Wise CB Tenn-Chattanooga
Ryan Isaac DE Purdue
George Winn RB Pro Player
Braden Wilson FB Pro Player
Byron Jerideau NT Pro Player
Roderick Tomlin OT Pro Player

The most interesting names on here, for me, are Lonnie Outlaw for the name alone, Kadeem Wise because he was a player the Falcons were connected to in the pre-draft process and Drew Basil, a fine kicker from Ohio State. All of these guys face a tremendous uphill battle just to get another shot at working out for the Falcons down the line, but certainly there have been surprises coming out of these classes in the past, Saeed Lee being the most recent example.

Any thoughts on these players?