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Roddy White Extension In The Works?

Vaughn McClure of ESPN certainly thinks so.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Roddy White isn't truly in limbo, but there's more than a few Falcons fans concerned that he hasn't received an extension yet. That will happen when you are, arguably, the best receiver in franchise history and you have just one year left on your deal.

Vaughn McClure at ESPN believes a Roddy extension could be next on the docket for Thomas Dimitroff. According to McClure, Dimitroff promised to revisit extension talks after the draft and early free agency, and now that we're in the quiet times before mini-camps and OTAs, it's fair to assume that would be coming.

An extension would be beneficial for both sides. Roddy gets job security at age 32 and may get a shot to retire as a true franchise icon who spent his entire career in Atlanta. The Falcons lock up a still-productive fan favorite while lowering his cap hit  for 2014, giving them a bit more breathing room in case injuries arise or they have a shot at a free agent they like.

Given that an extension truly seems like a win-win, I fully expect one to be done before the 2014 season begins. Do you?