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Former Defensive Tackle Adam Replogle Switched To Offensive Line

The popular 2013 undrafted free agent will attempt to make a go of it on the other side of the ball.


The Falcons are known for cross-training, but this is new.

I'm not going to lie: I love this move, both for Replogle and the Falcons. The 2013 undrafted free agent impressed the team with his strength but wound up on the practice squad throughout most of the season. When the draft dust settled, the Falcons suddenly had a plethora of defensive tackles and 3-4 defensive ends, leaving Replogle anything but certain to stick on the final roster.

That strength remains intriguing, however, and the Falcons are going to attempt to take advantage of it in a different capacity. At 6'3" and 294, Replogle could add ten pounds and use that strength to good effect as a guard. The Falcons, you'll recall, are not as deep behind starters Justin Blalock and Jon Asamoah as they are at other positions on the line, with only Harland Gunn and whoever survives the tackle fallout between Mike Johnson and Gabe Carimi. If Replogle can take to the position, he'd be an interesting long-term option as a backup.

This isn't a move that is particularly likely to bear fruit—Replogle has just months to warm up to the position change—but it's a creative solution to a logjam, and it's one I sincerely hope works out.

Your thoughts?