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Don't blink, Bernard Reedy may be this year's Paul Worrilow

Fact: Bernard Reedy once owned a dog named Saint

Rob Carr

The Falcons drafted nine players this weekend. And then they signed a bunch of undrafted free agents. Pretty much par for the course. But what's great about this part of the year is the sheer unpredictability of it all. While we all expect Jake Matthews to play right away, the rest of the new Falcons are, to varying degrees, question marks. Some of these young men will pan out, and others won't. These are the days of our lives.

All that said, here's a name you shouldn't forget: Bernard Reedy. He's one of several undrafted free agents the Falcons signed yesterday. And there are two reasons he may compete for a roster spot and contribute to the Falcons in 2014.

First, what Reedy lacks in size he makes up for with personality and football skills. By all accounts, Reedy is a vocal, charismatic dude. Think Kevin Hart, but with elite athleticism. He's fearless. It takes a special brand of chutzpah to call out perennial powerhouse Florida when you're 5'8 and play for Toledo. Plus, Reedy ran a 4.52 40 at his Pro Day, and if you watch his highlight reels, he looks a lot faster than that on the field. He's often described as "quick," but don't overlook his strength.

Second, Reedy has an excellent opportunity. The Falcons' receiving corps is laughably top heavy. I don't expect them to part ways with Darius Johnson or Harry Douglas any time soon, but Reedy profiles as a slot receiver in the NFL. He's ultimately trying to become the Falcons' 5th receiver. Plus, notwithstanding his talent, Douglas hasn't consistently filled the slot receiver role. If Reedy can return punts, contribute as a gunner on special teams, and play adequately in the slot, he's got a chance.

Your thoughts?