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NFL Draft 2014: Falcons Select Ricardo Allen With 147th Pick

The Atlanta Falcons continue their run of solid draft picks with CB Ricardo Allen from Purdue

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons didn't have to wait long after their compensatory pick to pick again and they nabbed cornerback Ricardo Allen from Purdue.

While I'm excited to have Allen, it's unlikely he'll be a major contributor to the team. Either way, it's a new Falcon and those are always fun.

Previous 5th round picks by the Falcons:

2013 - Stansly Maponga

2012 - Bradie Ewing

2011 - Jacquizz Rodgers

2010 - Dominique Franks, Kerry Meier

2009 - William Middleton, Garrett Reynolds

2008 - Robert James, Kroy Biermann

Of those, only two have been really contributors to the team, though if you believe in consistency, this year would be the year to have a contributor from the 5th round. So get hyped!

Allen brings an Asante-style game to the Falcons. He loves to talk smack and get into opposing WR's heads. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in heart. He's only 5'9" 187, but he's fearless in run support. He will sacrifice his body to stop the run. That kind of bravado will earn him a spot on special teams and probably nothing more, but don't forget the Falcons need those too.

His ball skills are good as well. He has four TAINTs (TDs after INTs) and finished his career with 13 interceptions, good for second most in Purdue history.

He really does remind me of Asante in terms of being that really skinny ball hawk. He might be a little more bold in the run game than Asante was. His work ethic is good and he's physical. He also likes to blitz, which is the kind of DB Mike Nolan would want.

He does have some injury concerns. He gets banged up a lot but is rarely actually out. His style of play can lead to missed tackles, but you have to admire the kid's heart.

As I mentioned before, he probably won't make the team, but if he does, he might be an Asante-like steal.

More info to come shortly! In the meantime, discuss your thoughts on this late-round pick.