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Falcons Sign Safety Dwight Lowery

The former Jaguar, 28, is likely a low-cost, low-risk form of veteran competition.


Man, the Falcons are busy today:

The Falcons finally have added a veteran safety, albeit one no one saw coming. Lowery is a 28-year-old former Jacksonville Jaguar and New York Jet who has dealt with injury issues each of the last two seasons. When healthy, he was a starter, albeit not a stellar one.

So who is Lowery, and what does he do? A former college cornerback, Lowery is a plus athlete who tackles well, though his coverage skills didn't play well enough at cornerback for him to stick there full-time. When healthy, he's a solid free safety who could serve as a stopgap starter in a pinch, and certainly he's no worse than a third safety. The outstanding question is whether he can stay healthy.

My guess is that this will be a low-cost move for the Falcons aimed at giving them veteran competition at free safety, and as long as there's little-to-no guaranteed money, Lowery is definitely worth a shot. I just would temper expectations for him until he proves he's healthy and in the form that made him a starting-caliber player not very long ago, and I certainly wouldn't expect him to win a job outright.

Obviously, there wasn't much left in the open market. Don't fool yourself into thinking Lowery was on the team's radar this entire time, because even if he was on the list of possible signings, he was behind many other choices who have since wound up elsewhere. All in all, though, I'm fine with the signing.

Your thoughts regarding the signing?