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Falcons Work Out 33 Year-Old Fullback Greg Jones

The Atlanta Falcons may be interested in former Jacksonville Jaguar Greg Jones.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few weeks ago the Falcons cut their oft-injured fullback Bradie Ewing. Now Atlanta is looking at replacements, or at the least, some competition for Patrick DiMarco.

Per PFT.

.Jones was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2004 NFL Draft and played every season, except for 2013 with the Houston Texans, with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Back in 2008 Jones was briefly the highest paid fullback in the league.

Despite being very old for a football player, Jones was the 8th ranked fullback by Pro Football Focus for the 2013 season. Jones might also give us the oldest running back and fullback duo in the entire league.  To be fair, fullbacks seem to be effective later in their careers and it would be nice to add a blocker who could be more effective than a midseason pickups or just throwing in Jason Snelling.

At the very least he could bring some veteran experience to the position and save a late Atlanta draft pick for a more premium position player.