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Will The Falcons Sign A Veteran Safety?

The Falcons still have a glaring need at free safety. How will they address that need?

Jim Rogash

This question might be a little unwelcome today, as you fight off a hangover left from thousands of comments about Rafael Bush and the aftermath of his non-signing, but it's something worth discussing.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Falcons are extremely likely to draft a safety this May. Whatever you think of Kemal Ishmael and Zeke Motta, the Falcons can't plan to go into the season letting them compete for a starting job. If one of the two comes on strong and forces his way into playing time, that's a welcome problem to have. Even if the team does add a draft pick, a low-cost veteran addition would be welcome, if for no other reason than depth and competition.

As I alluded to yesterday, the market is thin. Here's a few options the Falcons could still consider, if they want to use their free agent dollars on a veteran safety.

Steve Gregory

An established option, but hardly a great one. Gregory is a more natural fit as a strong safety who can be effective coming up and helping out against the run. If the Falcons signed him, his best fit might be as depth.

Hardly a ringing endorsement, I know, but he's a useful player. I'm just not sure how well he'll fit the Falcons' scheme.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is pretty much the definition of an average safety. He can play either position, he's decent enough in coverage and he's a smart player. So what's the issue?

Age, primarily. Adams is going to be 33 this year, and it's worth doubting that he'll be an asset in coverage. Again, coverage is really what the Falcons are going to need their next safety to excel in, and while they can't look for too much from a stopgap veteran, I'd be leery of how Adams will fare.

Kurt Coleman

Coleman can ballhawk at times, and was a 14 game starter as recently as 2012. Last season, though, he was relegated to backup duty, and for reasons that will sound familiar: Coverage woes.

Still, Coleman will be just 26 this season and might be worth a roll of the dice if the Falcons plan to invest a day one or day two draft pick in safety. That would be my expectation.

Thomas DeCoud

Somehow I don't think DeCoud's gonna go for this.

Wait for more cuts

Post-draft, the Falcons may actually have better options, as teams jettison veterans in favor of new draft picks. Again, they more or less have to draft a safety who can compete for a starting job, but if they're already going that route, it might make sense to wait.

Who is your preferred veteran option?