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Babineaux Crosses the Pond to Promote London Game

Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux traveled to London to promote Atlanta's 2014 game against the Lions at Wembley Stadium.


Jonathan Babineaux traveled to London recently to interact with NFL fans and promote Atlanta's upcoming game against the Detroit Lions in Wembley Stadium.

Babineaux shared with Sky Sports that he is eager to play in London and has promised that the team will put on a show. Vikings center John Sullivan, who also made the trip to London to promote the NFL's International Series, played in London during the 2013 season when the Vikings defeated the Steelers in Wembley. Sullivan described the atmosphere for London games as being similar to the Super Bowl, and that prospect is appealing to Babineaux.

"I've been getting an insight from John Sullivan about what to expect and he says the atmosphere is like playing in the Super Bowl. I've not played in a Super Bowl, so this is the next best thing." - Jonathan Babineaux

This was Babineaux's first trip to London, and he really enjoyed the experience. It goes without saying that he's excited to return with the Falcons to take on the Lions next season.

If you're a U.S. fan interested in traveling to London to see the Falcons play at Wembley, the league is offering travel packages. They will be on sale for Executive Members beginning April 9th, and season ticket holders beginning April 10th.

The travel packages provide a pretty comprehensive experience for fans making the trip to the big game, including tickets to the game, hotel accommodations, VIP game day hospitality, access to Club Wembley, and transportation to and from the airport and the stadium. Round trip airfare can be added to the package, but is not required to be purchased as a part of the travel package.

Single game tickets, without a travel package, will also be available for Executive Members beginning April 9th and for season ticket holders April 10th.

Are you planning to make the trip to see the Falcons play in London?