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Falcons Establish Waitlist for New Stadium Season Tickets

If you're interested in being a season ticket holder when the Falcons' new stadium is operational in 2017, it's time to get your name on the waitlist.

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons announced yesterday that they have established a waitlist for fans who wish to purchase season tickets once the new stadium opens for the 2017 season.

Current season ticket holders will be given priority, and purchasing season tickets for the 2017 season will essentially be treated as a relocation for those who hold season tickets at the Georgia Dome during the 2016 season. All current season ticket holders are automatically included in the waitlist with no further action required on their part.

Fans who do not hold season tickets for the 2016 season will need to submit a $100 refundable deposit to have their name included on the waitlist to purchase season tickets at the new stadium in 2017.

Once the Falcons are ready to commence the seat selection process for fans on the waitlist, current season ticket holders will be invited to meet a ticket sales representative at something called the New Stadium Preview Center in order to select their seats. Once those seat relocations are processed, the fans on the waitlist will then be invited to participate in the same process.

There's not much information available at present about the New Stadium Preview Center, however, it is described on the new stadium website as, "a place where current and prospective season ticket holders will be able to utilize the latest in digital technology to conceptualize the new stadium and its various seating options to aid in making purchase decisions."

There are no details on PSL costs or a range for ticket pricing available at this time. According to the new stadium website, PSL costs and ticket pricing will be established with a goal to keep tickets widely accessible and as affordable as possible.

For more information or to add your name to the waitlist, visit the New Atlanta Stadium website.