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Sketching Out Falcons Trade Down Scenarios

If the Falcons do move down from #6, who would they be targeting?


If you're a Falcons fan, it's impossible not to salivate a little at the thought of adding an impact player with the #6 pick. If things go awry or the Falcons simply determine that their best course of action would be to add more picks, however, they may move down.

While I'm on record, repeatedly saying to anyone who will listen that this is the least likely outcome for the Falcons, it's still a possibility. We would be fools not to examine some of the possible targets for the Falcons in that event. To that end, I've drawn up some scenarios with the help of Rodrell Green, Falcons fan and trade-down advocate. Here's three scenarios he and I discussed, and in every single one we're assuming the Falcons walk away with at least a 2014 second rounder in return.

Scenario #1: From #6 to #13

We all talk about trading up with the St. Louis Rams, but what if the Falcons chose to move down? The Rams have two first round picks, and they may be tempted to move up and chase a Sammy Watkins or a quarterback, depending on how the draft unfolds.

If the Falcons move down to #13, there are several players they could be targeting. Taylor Lewan, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, or Anthony Barr could still be available there for the Falcons to take a swing at. Depending on which direction they elected to go in with the first pick, their second rounders could go toward a pass rusher (Jeremiah Attaochu, for example) and a safety (Calvin Pryor, the always popular Jimmie Ward), or perhaps a tackle (Jack Mewhort?) They could even choose to invest in a high-flying tight end like Jace Amaro. Basically, this option gives the Falcons a ton of flexibility, but means they're taking a risk that one of the top-tier players they might covet would not be available at #13.

While #13 is logical, there's reason to believe the Falcons could get some kind of package out of Detroit at #10 and other teams, assuming impact players at left on the board at #6.

Scenario #2: The Trade Down, Then The Trade Up

This scenario assumes something similar to the first one. The Falcons trade down, they pick up another second round pick, everyone's happy. In this case, though, the Falcons use one of those seconds and another pick to move back up into the first and select another player.

This might be the best way for the Falcons to get, say, Calvin Pryor and Eric Ebron, if those were the target. Both could go in the teens, and the end result is that the Falcons walk away with two first round picks, a second and whatever's left after they make the trade back up. If there are a couple of players the Falcons are particularly interested in, this scenario could yield both. Again, though, they'd have to be certain the moving around wouldn't result in them whiffing on players they prize.

Scenario #3: The Cleveland Browns

In this scenario, the Falcons would trade down into the 20's from #6, trying to amass a ton of picks in the process. At this point, you're conceding several players who probably feature prominently on the team's big board, in hopes that you can repeatedly hit with the volume of picks you're given.

I have to consider this the least likely option by default, but there's no denying the Falcons could pick up a lot of lottery tickets along the way.

Now, are the Falcons going to pick up a second this year by trading down? That remains to be seen, given how many teams are likely to trade down. But if it does happen, the Falcons have a chance to set themselves up for a very nice haul in this year's draft.

What do you think?