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Mel Kiper's Latest Mock Draft Has Falcons Homing In On Needs

Whether you agree with the players he selects for the Falcons is a different story entirely.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Mel Kiper has dropped his latest mock draft, and as much as I loathe giving the man attention for flip-flopping like a dying perch on a sun-kissed pier, it's always fun to discuss them. Holding my nose, here we go!

In his latest mock, Kiper has focused in on the Falcons' biggest needs, coming away with a tackle and two defenders for the Falcons hybrid front. Here's the full breakdown of his three round mock.

Atlanta Falcons

Top needs: OLB/DE, OT, TE, S

Round 1 (6) OT Jake Matthews, Texas A&M
Round 2 (37) LB Ryan Shazier, Ohio St.
Round 3 (68) DE Scott Crichton, Oregon St.

This would not be a bad haul. Despite the rapidly decreasing buzz around him, Matthews is one of the two top tackle choices in this class, and should be an upgrade for the Falcons. Shazier is an athletic freak of nature who could add a ton of speed and ability to the linebacking corps, while Crichton is a solid player who could be a help to the pass rush. There's not a truly sexy pick in the bunch—unless Shazier really intrigues you—but I wouldn't mind this one bit.

How about you?