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Falcons Will Not Offer Chase Coffman A Contract

The cupboard is bare behind likely starting tight end Levine Toilolo, but the Falcons won't keep the veteran tight end.


Plenty of promise and little in the way of results isn't a recipe for tenure on an NFL roster, and unfortunately, Chase Coffman was a prime example of that.

Coffman came aboard back in 2012, having spent two middling seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, who drafted him back in 2009. His ability and pedigree led to quite a bit of excitement in Atlanta, with some even hoping and/or predicting that Coffman could be groomed to take over for Tony Gonzalez. It seemed like a possibility, but as time ground on, it became clear that Coffman wasn't in the team's plans.

In two seasons with the team, Coffman played in 16 regular season games and caught one pass for 12 yards. He added one spectacular 16 yard grab in the 2012 playoffs against the Seahawks, which is the basis for much of the love he receives from Falcons fans. To be fair, it was a hell of a catch.

It's inevitable that we're going to grumble about him not being given a chance, but I tend to think it's telling that he was beaten out by Levine Toilolo last year when we knew that Toi Box was a work in progress. Coffman was helpful on special teams, but the Falcons felt he wasn't going to be more than a second-stringer at best and third-stringer at worst, so they're moving on and seeking additions to a barren depth chart elsewhere. This strengthens my conviction that Toilolo will be the starter in 2014, with only a Jace Amaro or Eric Ebron pick really calling that into question.

That said, good luck, Chase Coffman. Hope you land with another team and find success.