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Atlanta Falcons Schedule Release Coming This Month

The Falcons' opponents are known, but when will they play them? We'll know soon.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

We're already into the third day of April, which means we're edging closer to the 2014 NFL Draft. We're also inching toward the 2014 schedule release.

The schedule traditionally drops in April, and despite the draft moving back to May, it will drop in April again this season. It's likely we'll see it mid-week toward the latter parts of the month, so the league can get the wind at its back for a couple of weeks before the draft begins in earnest.

It could well be that 2014 is a bit of a rebuilding year for the Atlanta Falcons, and they have a reasonably tough schedule coming up, at least on paper. Here's a copy of the 2014 team opponents, coming to us from the official site:


Home Away
Carolina Carolina
New Orleans New Orleans
Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
Chicago Green Bay
Detroit (in London) Minnesota
Cleveland Baltimore
Pittsburgh Cincinnati
Arizona NY Giants

How do you think the schedule will shake out?