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Combine & Pro Day Prospect Master List

Because I'm so nice...

Scott Cunningham

For those of you that enjoy having numbers on hand in a more searchable and comparative format, I hope you like my generous spirit. This Link will provide information on any Combine and Pro Day participant (that I could find...) since the 2000 draft class. Many sites have competing information, so I did my best to clean up what I could. If you have verified sources to correct anything I pulled, shoot me the information! I am also working to create more user-friendly search forms to help you extract players comparisons. Blame my clients for making me travel, otherwise I would have it ready to go! But I digress...

Anyways, I do have a Summary tab that you can manipulate, to an extent. I created two portions: Measureables by Position, and Event Trends. The First allows you to look at how each position performed on average, with some limited filters. The latter shows, by year, event performance of your choosing for any position you'd like to see. Here's all I ask: Please be careful deleting the dynamic charts. I can't protect those without eliminating the dynamic input fields, and that's no fun. If something does happen, just let me know and I'll restore the file quickly. Accidents happen.

I will attempt to collect arm length and hand size down the road. I know I won't have that in time for the draft, just keep nagging me to get on it! Feel free to leave me any feedback or any corrections on the information as numbers were pulled from various sites (where they appear to fat-finger plenty of information).

Give the workbook about 15 - 20 seconds to load. The formulas that allow live manipulation can be cumbersome, but I hope you appreciate it!