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Will the 2014 draft make or break Matt Ryan?

Fact: Matt Ryan doesn't bundle his insurance, even if it is cheaper.

Stephen Dunn

Matt Ryan is often lumped into the not-quite-elite category. It's not a bad place for a quarterback to be, but it's certainly not the best case scenario. And if you're like me, then you've often wondered what kind of help Ryan needs. That is, what would it take to get him over the hump?

The first, and most logical, way to help Ryan is to solidify his offensive line. If he can't consistently get a decent pocket, his potential as a passer will always be just out of reach. Fast forward ten years; Ryan's no longer the franchise quarterback. Wouldn't it suck to look back and wonder what could've been? The Falcons have several options, in the first round and beyond, to assist in this task. Let's hope they don't waste that opportunity.

Then there's the pass rush. I'm envisioning a scenario where the Falcons have a respectable pass rush, and as a result, [spoiler alert] their defense thrives. Ryan doesn't have to put up 30 points a game because the defense doesn't resemble South Central Louisiana State University before Bobby Boucher showed up. Admittedly one player won't change everything, but an impact pass rusher would be pretty great.

Look, Ryan's a good quarterback, no matter how this draft plays out. He won't be broken by a lackluster draft, because with a number of drafts between now and his retirement, the Falcons still have ample opportunity to waste his career. But this draft just feels like it could make him. It just feels like the Falcons could hit a home run and make Ryan's job a whole lot easier.

Your thoughts?