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A Few Falcons Records Could Be Broken In 2014

There's at least five records on the line, a few of which are almost guaranteed to be broken.

Kevin C. Cox

If we're being completely honest, no one knows what 2014 will bring for the Atlanta Falcons. Projecting a season—particularly before the NFL Draft—is almost as inexact a science as predicting the draft itself.

One thing we do know, though: There are several Falcons in prime position to break long-standing record, with Matt Ryan and Roddy White featuring prominently among them. Ryan and Roddy could legitimately break a record or two in the first game of the season, if everything broke right:

Career passing touchdowns: 154, Steve Bartkowski (Matt Ryan 153)
Career passing attempts: 3,330, Steve Bartkowski (Matt Ryan 3,288)
Receiving touchdowns: 57, Terance Mathis (Roddy White 55)
Points scored, non-kicker: 366, Michael Turner (Roddy White 338)
Interceptions returned for a touchdown: 3, Deion Sanders (Kroy Biermann 2)

That last one is there just for fun, really. Ryan and White have a very good chance to blow by all four of those milestones in 2014 if they stay healthy and effective. The fact that the game has changed so much even since Bartkowski and Mathis played obviously takes a little bit of the luster off, but it's still impressive for two of the team's better veterans. Roddy already holds the franchise record for receptions and receiving yards, while Ryan has the Falcon franchise marks for completions and passing yardage.

How many of these records do you think will be broken in 2014?