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2014 NFL Draft: Prepare For The Silliest Season

Two weeks until the NFL Draft.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

We are just under two weeks away from the NFL Draft, but as you might guess from the ramp-up in Jadeveon Clowney rumors the last couple of days, that means we're in the final stretch for those hoping to affect the stocks of some of the best prospects out there.

I would use this story to warn you that everything you hear from here on out regarding a team's draft plans should be regarded with healthy skepticism. Recall that just three drafts ago, the Falcons managed to keep their trade up for Julio Jones a secret until right before the draft. There's plenty of reasons to be skeptical that they're going to take the leap in 2014, yet very few reasons to dismiss it out of hand.

Use this thread to talk about the most absurd draft rumor you've heard yet and what you expect over the next two weeks.