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League source: Clowney's "work out" won't involve any actual working out

Fact: Jadeveon Clowney weighed 234 pounds at birth

Kevin C. Cox

As Dave first reported earlier today, draft phenom and noted manchild Jadeveon Clowney will visit with the Falcons tomorrow. Smokescreen or genuine due diligence, it's happening. The man, the myth, the legend is getting some quality face time with your favorite football team tomorrow. While it was initially described as a "work out," per a league source it really isn't.

A league source tells PFT that the Falcons are going to see Clowney tomorrow, and they will give him a biomechanical assessment test and an aptitude test. There will be no on-field drills of any kind.

Interesting. I'm not sure what the Falcons would glean from a workout that they don't already know. But is this guy worried about injury, or what? There's just no other reason to place limits on the visit. And rest assured, this is coming from Clowney's camp, not from the Falcons.

It's not that I don't understand where Clowney is coming from. He stands to make a lot of money, and it'd be downright foolish to injure yourself in a pre-draft workout. But that said, this doesn't do much for his reputation. He's still the best player in the draft and an absolute game changer - just when he wants to be.