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Sean Weatherspoon Still Recovering From Knee Injury

The Falcons' starting linebacker is dealing with a lingering knee injury.

Kevin C. Cox

Sean Weatherspoon has had an up-and-down career with the Atlanta Falcons, one that has placed him in a potential make-or-break season with the Atlanta Falcons. His talent has never been in doubt, but he's fought through nagging injuries, inconsistency and the missed tackle plague that seems to run roughshod over the roster at times. His contract is up after this year, so it could be 'Spoon's last season in Atlanta if he doesn't deliver a quality year.

Unfortunately, the offseason isn't off to a great start for Weatherspoon:

'Spoon described himself as 80% in his presser yesterday, which isn't exactly frightening but doesn't sound overly promising, either. Knee injuries can and often do linger, so as McClure suggests, it's very much worth keeping an eye on his status.

What makes this even worse for 'Spoon is that the Falcons may be mulling over a role change for him, if they do decide to run more 3-4 looks. 'Spoon could kick inside in those sets, given his at least average coverage ability, or the team could decide to finally set him loose as a pass rusher outside. In either case, it will be imperative for him to work all offseason, and the Falcons have to decide how many linebackers they're looking to bring aboard in two weeks. The uncertainty surrounding him makes that decision a little tougher.

With any luck, we're worrying too much, 'Spoon will be healthy by the time training camp rolls around and he'll have a phenomenal year. Even if you're an optimist, his status will be worth monitoring.