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Falcons Schedule 2014: All-Time Records Against This Year's Opponents

A complete listing of all-time records for the Falcons' 13 2014 opponents.


The schedule release is still a few hours away, but we do know precisely who the Atlanta Falcons will play in 2014. To keep the discussion rolling, I've decided to pull together a list of all-time records against each opponent this season.

All-Time Records

Arizona Cardinals: 12-15
Baltimore Ravens: 2-2
Carolina Panthers: 23-15
Chicago Bears: 12-13
Cincinnati Bengals: 5-7
Cleveland Browns: 3-10
Detroit Lions: 12-23
Green Bay Packers: 12-14
Minnesota Vikings: 10-15
New Orleans Saints: 46-43
New York Giants: 11-10
Pittsburgh Steelers: 2-12-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 20-21

Brutal. If you've ever wondered why Saints fans are so seemingly obsessed with the Atlanta Falcons, look no further than that all-time record, which has narrowed considerably thanks to New Orleans' recent run of success. The Falcons have traditionally fared pretty well in their division, but their records against bottom feeders like Cleveland and Detroit are, to put it mildly, appalling. The Steelers have historically owned them.

This gives the Falcons a chance to take a baby step toward evening up some of these records, so let's embrace that opportunity. Your thoughts on these all-time records?