Atlanta Falcons Draft Day Cheat Sheet

Over the past week I have been building a spreadsheet of all the Falcons prospect visits to use as a cheat sheet on draft day. I have included each player, all their important measurables that I could find, and their draft projections. For the moment the list is sorted by primarily by position and secondarily by draft projections but I'm considering rearranging it to mimic what I believe the Falcons big board may look like prior to draft day.

I used the measurables from the combine whenever possible. If the player was not invited or did not run at the combine I used their pro day numbers as reported by CBS/NFLDraftScout. There are a few instances of pulling numbers from other sources but I linked to those in the spreadsheet. An easy rule of thumb is if you see 10 yard splits for 40 times then it's pro day numbers. Otherwise it's most likely that those numbers came from the combine.

Here is a quick guide to how I broke down the defensive positions.

DE - These guys are all typical 3-4 DE's
ER - Edge Rusher
OLB - They are mostly in the mold of 4-3 WLB

Here's the link to my spreadsheet.

If you like it bookmark it and use it on draft day. I'll continue to update both the spreadsheet and the running list I've been keeping as I didn't include my sources in the spreadsheet.

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