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The 2014 NFL Schedule May Be Released Tomorrow

The Atlanta Falcons will soon know just how difficult their slate will be.

Scott Cunningham

We already know the Falcons' 2014 opponents, and we know it's a fairly balanced slate. You have to get through the heart of the NFC South, as always, and the Bengals, Cardinals and Packers will not be easy. The Falcons do get to face the Vikings and Browns, among other teams who shouldn't be contenders just yet.

What we don't know is the order of those games, and that can have a real impact on how teams perform. A stretch of tough road games can be taxing for even the best teams in the NFL, and we're not yet certain whether the Falcons will be back to contending in 2014. We have to wait until the draft to gain even a vague sense of where they're headed, at this point.

Thankfully, the 2014 schedule drops tomorrow, giving us a sense of what the Falcons will be up against. That'll be worth debating until the draft and well after May, as we attempt to figure out what kind of season lies ahead. I fully expect to see the schedule land by mid-afternoon, barring one of the NFL's happy-go-lucky delays.

We'll break down the full schedule tomorrow, assuming it lands on...schedule. In the meantime, what's your prediction for 2014?