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Is Receiver A Major Need For The Atlanta Falcons?

Asking a question making its way around Falcons fans.

Kevin C. Cox

Stick around The Falcoholic long enough and you'll hear someone bring up Sammy Watkins at an option for the Falcons at #6. That isn't a course of action I would say I endorse, but the logic there is obvious: Roddy White is getting older and there isn't another young, high-caliber starter on the roster today. Why not address the position?

Ultimately, selecting a receiver in this draft removes an opportunity to address what many would consider a more pressing need, particularly if it's done in the first three rounds. At the same time, this is a deep class, and the Falcons shouldn't always have to think purely in terms of the year ahead. Again, I'd likely wait until the fourth round or later to take one, given the relative depth of the 2014 receiver class, but guys like Mike Evans and Sammy Watkins remain awfully tempting.

I'll pose this question to you: When would you take a receiver in this draft, and do you consider the position a major need? Sound off in the comments.