A Complete, Up-to-Date List of Player Visits (updated 5/6)

Over the past two weeks I have been recording a list of NFL draft prospects scheduled to meet with the Falcons. A week ago Falcoholic writer Jeanna Thomas referenced my list and since then it's expanded dramatically. Here is a complete, updated look at the players the Falcons have been showing an interest in thus far.

Walterfootball has reported that the Falcons met with Jake Matthews and Greg Robinson at the NFL Combine.

It is clear that the Falcons main focus going into the draft is protecting Matt Ryan and rushing the passer and they have visited with the top three players at both positions. It is as good as guaranteed the Falcons will address both of those areas in the first two days of the draft. Atlanta has shown interest in several potential second and third round pass rushers so it is possible they double down at that position much like they did last year at cornerback.

There is a conspicuous lack of safeties on this list (edit: as of April 2nd) but I suspect that will change in the coming weeks. There is a gaping hole at the position with the departure of Thomas DeCoud and it will have to be addressed at some point in the draft. I would not be surprised to see the Falcons bring in a veteran sometime before training camp either. The free agent cupboards are bare though so the draft is likely to be the Falcons best chance at finding a starter.

I have also put together a spreadsheet organizing all of these players by their position and/or draft projections and as well as listing their measurables and other pertinent information so give that post a look too! I will continue to update this list and the spreadsheet whenever possible so check back often to stay up-to-date!

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