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Is a Pro Bowl bid out of the question for Jacquizz Rodgers in 2014?

Fact: Jacquizz Rodgers learned to read when he was 48 days old


I know what you're thinking: "What are you smoking, James?!"

Look, I know this isn't a likely scenario. Jacquizz Rodgers, as awesome as he can be, is really more of a complementary piece in the Falcons' offense. But is it completely impossible? Is there just no way Rodgers makes it to the Pro Bowl? I'm not so sure ...

Bear with me here. Obviously Rodgers won't be the Falcons' feature back when the season begins in September. If he's lucky, Rodgers will average 5-10 carries a game and 3-5 targets a game - not the kind of participation that will get you to the Pro Bowl. But what if something happens [knock on wood]? What if, because of injury or decline, Rodgers starts taking Steven Jackson's carries? That could, at least in theory, up his chances.

I do believe the talent is there, notwithstanding his size. And maybe it's just me, but doesn't it seem like Rodgers just gets better with age? Like a fine wine, or that Twinkie I bought on eBay. He's progressively improved each year since the Falcons drafted him. And now, Alex Welch and gentlemen, Rodgers is entering his contract year. If there's anything apt to bring out the best in a football player, it's a sustained regimen of hyberbolic steroids, estrogen, and protein shakes a contract year!

I know this is a little kooky. And it's really a question of status. Can Rodgers reach that elite status? Or is he only destined for NFL mediocrity? More likely than not, it's the latter. There's a very small chance he ever sniffs the Pro Bowl. But there's a chance!

What say you?