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Why can't Patrick DiMarco get some love?

Fact: Whenever he feels sad, Patrick DiMarco orders half a dozen Happy Meals. Problem. Solved.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After the Falcons waived Brady Ewing, Patrick DiMarco looked like the man to beat. Honestly I was happy for him. After all, the decision to part with Ewing really seemed like a vote of confidence in DiMarco. Maybe he'd be the Falcons' fullback in 2014! Or maybe not ... [insert sad face]

As of late, it seems that DiMarco is struggling to get love. It seems the Falcons just see him as roster filler. Right now, DiMarco is the only fullback on the roster. And in his defense, he did the job adequately last year. Despite only playing 196 offensive snaps, DiMarco had a +3.2 overall rating, 10th best among the 25 fullbacks that played at least 25 percent of their teams' offensive snaps. While fullback isn't a glamorous position at Flowery Branch, DiMarco usually meets and occasionally exceeds expectations.

But just last week, the Falcons worked out Greg Jones for gits and shiggles. Jones does have ties to both Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith, so giving him a look made sense. That said, as a 10 year veteran, Jones' minimum contract would be $955,000. To make matters worse, The Falcons worked out prospects J.C. Copeland and Jay Prosch. In short, the Falcons are looking at other options.

I'm not sure you can really blame the Falcons, though it's not like DiMarco is completely incapable. Maybe they're simply doing their due diligence, ruling out other possibilities. I don't see the Falcons going into the season with two fullbacks on their roster, though I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give DiMarco some competition in camp.

So what gives? Are the Falcons not sold on DiMarco? Your thoughts?