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Projecting Desmond Trufant's Production For The 2014 Atlanta Falcons

Projecting the second-year cornerback who should be the team's top option in 2014.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Desmond Trufant, CB, #21

2013 stats: 70 tackles, 17 pass deflections, 2 interceptions, 1 forced fumble

In a dismal 2013 season, there were only a handful of true bright spots. The rookies were the brightest stars in the constellation, and Trufant might have been the brightest of them all.

In his rookie season, Trufant started 16 games and showed real promise. He wasn't perfect, letting a couple of picks slip through his hands and missing some coverage, but he was about as good as a rookie could be, and clearly the class of the 2013 cornerback class.

So the question is, where does Trufant go from here? Has he topped out as a very good cornerback who won't become one of the best five or so players at the position, or will he continue to improve in his second year as the team's top option?

Weigh in by projecting Trufant's 2014, whether by stats or role.