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The Top 5 Positional Needs From The Falcoholic 2014 NFL Draft Big Board

You voted, we counted, and the Atlanta Falcons' top five positional needs have been decided.

Joe Robbins

We received a huge response to our poll asking you what the top five needs were for the Atlanta Falcons heading into the 2014 NFL Draft. After several days of voting, I'm pleased to announce that we have hammered out those needs according to Falcoholics across the world.

  1. Offensive Tackle
  2. DE/OLB hybrid or pass rusher
  3. Safety
  4. Tight End
  5. Defensive End

So that's your list. There are no major surprises here whatsoever, though it was an open question whether tackle would be able to beat out pass rusher right up until the end of the voting. If the Falcons were to adhere to this, tackle would be off the board at #6, with defense being the primary focus much of the rest of the way. In case you're curious, here were the #6-#10 needs:

6. OLB
7. ILB
8. RB
9. DT
10. OG

A few interesting notes: While offensive tackle won out, DE/OLB hybrid pass rusher actually received the highest total of #1 need votes, with 551. Safety received a piddling 77 votes as the top need, but close to 1,000 between second and third. Nine of you voted punter as the top need, for which I condemn you in the strongest possible terms.

Discuss these needs and the players you feel would best fill them. Be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow, when we'll open voting on the offensive tackle big board.