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Don't Forget About Jadeveon Clowney

South Carolina's Pro Day is tomorrow.

Streeter Lecka

No, this is not an April Fool's joke, though had I not had a job interview today I would've changed my Twitter handle to FlaccoholicZippo.

In what was once an afterthought, Clowney's draft stock as the best defensive player in the draft now teeters on a line crossing both him and Buffalo's Khalil Mack.

It's possible that Clowney will feel like he has something to prove. At one point, it was him and everyone else. Now that Mack has shown up and blown the spectators away time and time again, there's now no clear cut favorite for best defensive player in this year's draft. Some people would take Mack before Clowney, a sentiment that would've seemed pretty funny just a few months ago.

With that said, a strong pro day from Clowney could be the one thing that pushes Mack down to us at pick #6, something that would be quite the boon to both the team and the blood pressure of Falcons fans everywhere. It doesn't look like both will be picked before us, just based on the needs of the team before us.

We've discussed the needs of the teams before us at length. It's possible Houston or St. Louis could go defensive player. Oakland could as well, but the Oakland thing to do would be to pick Sammy Watkins. JAX, Cleveland, and Houston all have a pretty high QB need, so a strong day from Clowney could indeed be the ticket to getting the guy we want.

At this point, which player would you rather have? Clowney, or Mack?