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Big Changes Coming to the Falcoholic and a Goodbye to Dave

The Falcoholic is thrilled to announce a revolutionary change to sports coverage that will change the way you follow your favorite sports team.


When SB Nation brought me on board to help transition, I was excited to be on the forefront of the future of online sports media distribution.

The Falcoholic has partnered with AFD Media of Mumbai, India to quadruple the writing staff and provide true 24/7 coverage. While previously the Falcoholic may have produced four articles a day, the new site will have no less than 20 articles every day of the week. Every tweet to the Falcoholic will receive an immediate response at all hours of the day, every day of the year.

The official Falcoholic account will be run by four full-time AFD employees, ensuring the freshest and most complete content possible at all times of the day. The new staff at the Falcoholic thanks Mr. Dave Coate for his years of hard work on the site and we wish him the very best in his future endeavors despite his peculiar ideas for football content. We are so very happy he will have the opportunity pursue other opportunities away from SB Nation.

The former head of the Falcoholic had this heartfelt message to his many fans and friends he has gotten to know since this site's inception.

Thanx guys.

-Dave Coate

Thank you Dave, we know you will land on your feet.

The staff at AFD Media has been watching football tape since early February and is quite knowledgeable for writers who did not what football was in January.

Next, we have great news for the 64% of the people that visits the site for looking news related to the similarly named Joe Flacco: we are your new SB Nation Joe Flacco headquarters. One of the greatest quarterbacks of our generation will have his own, dedicated blog. Are we wacko for the Super Bowl-winning Flacco? You betcha.

For the 12% of you who visit the Falcoholic for Atlanta Falcon news, we have some bad news. While we will cover the Atlanta Falcons in the week prior to Atlanta’s eventual loss to Joe Flacco’s Ravens, the remaining content will not be related to any team in Atlanta.

The team at the Flaccoholic is excited to provide the dedicated coverage Joe Flacco coverage the vast majority of you have been asking for. You asked. We listened. And we will provide you with the best and the newest of blogging.

Be prepared for Jeanna's article at 9:00 AM where she tells us where she was when Joe Flacco won the Super Bowl. Then at 9:15 AM we will have our first post by AFD employee 132 will give us their favorite Flacco play. At 9:22 AM AFD employee 32 will break down Flacco's deep ball and AFD employee 209 will have a fun article ranking how attractive Flacco is out of all starting quarterbacks in the league.

Thanks everyone and get ready for a whole new level of content.

(April Fools).