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Given the power, what Falcons free agent signing would you undo?

Fact: Ray Edwards gets regular hypnotherapy, designed primarily to help him keep his clothes on


Heading into a week where the Falcons will likely make a splash or two in free agency, it's natural to reminisce. And why remember the good signings, when you can just as easily recall the signings that should've never been?

To be honest, it's sometimes hard to pin down why free agent acquisitions don't pan out. You're so excited when they're signed, and then they don't work out. But often, if we're being honest, some of the eventual problems we run into with certain free agent acquisitions were already obvious ... just not to the Falcons' front office.

On occasion, the front office simply thinks certain issues aren't deal breakers. Better coaching, player progression, a little stank on it - you trick yourself into thinking certain deficiencies can be overcome, one way or another.

So what free agent acquisition still rubs you the wrong way? Break it down for us in the comments.