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NFL Free Agency 2014: Legal Tampering Day One Roundup

It was a fairly quiet day in the NFL.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday marked the first day that teams could talk to agents of impending free agents. The so-called legal tampering period is one that can deliver tons of signings early on in free agency, but when it starts, what we're hoping for is plenty of leaks.

We didn't get many, which might be a good sign.

The Falcons are operating quietly, but rest assured they've already reached out to multiple agents at this point. The closest thing we got to reports are very likely the work of the agents themselves:

It's no secret that the Falcons will be prioritizing signings on the offensive line, defensive line and potentially in the secondary. The only thing they can keep us all guessing about are the specific players they're targeting, and for one day, they've done that. Expect to hear a lot more when free agency opens on Tuesday.

One name to watch: Champ Bailey. No, I don't entirely understand it, either.

Here's a look at what happened around the league, where news was scarce but a handful of goings-on are worth noting.

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