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Create the Perfect Falcons Player

If you could combine two players on Atlanta's roster to create the perfect player, which players would you start with, and what would the perfect player be like?

Kevin C. Cox

Any Falcons fan can rattle off the numerous flaws of players on Atlanta's roster. Fans are pretty familiar with the great qualities many players on this roster exhibit. What if you could combine the great qualities of two players and eliminate the flaws to create the perfect Falcons player?

You could take Sean Weatherspoon, with his skill, talent and attitude, and combine him with a physically durable player like Roddy White was until the 2013 season so that Spoon's injury struggles would no longer hinder him. Just imagine the on-the-field presence you'd get from combining those two players, too.

You could take Jacquizz Rodgers and give him the size of Steven Jackson--Quizz trucks over defensive players even though he's relatively tiny, and if he had the physical size and strength of Steven Jackson it wouldn't even be fair. You could take Peter Konz and Lamar Holmes and combine them to make a--well, yeah, that still probably wouldn't be great.

You could take Levine Toilolo and combine him with Tony Gonzalez (he's still on the roster at present) and create a future Hall of Fame tight end with his whole career ahead of him. You could take Julio Jones and combine him with--just kidding, Julio Jones is basically what would happen if you could do this in real life.

If you could combine two players on Atlanta's roster to make the perfect player, which players would you choose, and why? Just for fun, what would the leftover player be like after stealing all of the best attributes of both?