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How Will The Offensive Philosophy Change In 2014?

Under Dirk Koetter, the Falcons have been pass-first. Will they remain that way in 2014?

Christian Petersen

The Falcons are a team known for a sometimes high-octane passing attack. When injuries don't strike and the team goes past their often conservative veneer, Matt Ryan and company are capable of devastating opposing pass defenses.

With Tony Gonzalez retired and a new focus on improving up front, it's fair to ask whether the Falcons will be pass-focused in 2014. They'll likely add a back through the draft, after all, and they no longer have the greatest tight end in NFL history to throw to. Many directions are possible in the weeks and months ahead, but you could be forgiven for thinking the Falcons might try to restore real balance to the offense.

Personally, though, I can't see it happening. The Falcons will likely drastically change how they utilize their tight end now that Levine Toilolo is the likely starter at the position. They may well utilize four-wide formations more often and utilize backs in the passing game even more frequently, and both would be welcome. There simply is not back on the roster—or the offensive line capable of enabling one—that would lead to the Falcons transforming their entire philosophy.

That doesn't mean balance isn't needed, and the Falcons would be wise to prioritize a more effective ground game in 2014. If you think the Falcons will try to return to a strong ground game this season, though, lemme know in the comments.