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The Falcons worked out RB De'Anthony Thomas today

Fact: DeAnthony Thomas and Jacquizz Rodgers have a combined height of 4'11

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we talked about the need for a running-back-by-committee approach in the modern NFL. It appears the Falcons are taking that paradigm seriously, looking in earnest to replace Jason Snelling. According to a National Football Post report, the Falcons worked out De'Anthony Thomas earlier today.

Thomas is a dynamic back, but his draft stock took a hit after he failed to impress at the Combine. He made up for that during his Pro Day, wowing scouts in the process. He's projected as 6th-7th round talent at this point, and that's fine by me. If he's around in the latter part of the draft, the Falcons will need to take a hard look.

The appeal of Thomas is undeniable. He's the perfect combination of elusive, quick, and stout; even if he doesn't possess elite straight line speed on paper, Thomas has an uncanny ability to separate himself from defenders. He's not particularly strong, but he can take a hit as needed.

If there's a knock on Thomas, it's that he's just ill-suited for the NFL. As stupid as that sounds, it's supposedly his biggest knock. According to his critics, if Thomas can't play in a fast paced offense, with a dual threat quarterback, and in kooky formations, then he's useless. I don't agree.

Your thoughts?