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Roddy White makes good on bet with fan

Roddy White has fulfilled his one-sided NCAA basketball bet with a fan and then some.

Kevin C. Cox

Surely you remember the drama that unfolded after Roddy White told a Falcons fan, who also happens to be a Mercer Bears fan, that Duke would surely beat Mercer in the NCAA tournament, and that if Duke did not beat Mercer, White would purchase Dylan Hoyt a pair of Falcons season tickets in the first row on the 50 yard line.

Duke lost, breaking hearts and busting brackets across the country, and White stated that he had no intention of settling the one-sided bet with Hoyt in full. He offered Hoyt tickets to the Falcons game against the Chicago Bears, and considered that sufficient. Hoyt, for his part, did not ask for the bet to be fulfilled as originally stated, tweeting that he loves the Falcons and did not want to be a distraction. Many fans other than Hoyt, however, were offended by White's refusal to keep his word.

Well, everyone should settle down, because White will fulfill this bet fully. Actually, White is going above and beyond here. White will provide Hoyt with two season tickets as originally promised, as well as two Super Bowl tickets. Hoyt will also receive sideline passes for one home game, and will be White's guest for one day of training camp.

It's a good outcome for a fan who handled this situation with great maturity and grace. As a matter of fact, a team official who spoke with ESPN's Vaughn McClure indicated that Hoyt's classy response to the whole situation was part of the reason White is being so generous in fulfilling the bet.

If we learn anything from this situation, it's definitely that we should all make bets with Roddy on Twitter that being classy on Twitter can pay off big time. Congratulations to Dylan Hoyt.