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Falcons To Host TE Prospect C.J. Fiedorowicz

The Falcons may bolster their tight end depth through the 2014 NFL Draft.

Matthew Holst

The Falcons have thus far elected to roll on with only one semi-proven tight end on the roster, in the form of second-year pro Levine Toilolo. All signs point to Toilolo being the starter for this football team in 2014, but there's no way the Falcons are going to let the offseason pass without adding talent to the position.

Enter C.J. Fiedorowicz:

That visit should happen sometime in the next month. Fiedorowicz is a big tight end with quality athleticism who projects as third or fourth round pick in May's draft. He's a terrific blocking tight end, with the frame and strength to be an asset for Matt Ryan and Steven Jackson in that arena. What he is not is a finished product as a pass catcher, with some struggles with his route-running and hands. Eventually, Fiedorowicz wants to become a true dual threat, but chances are good that will take a little time.

Given that the Falcons will be leaning on Toilolo to be a pass catching tight end who does damage in the red zone and end zone, Fiedorowicz would be an excellent fit. He'd step right in as the best blocking tight end on the roster and could eventually be an asset as a pass catcher complementing Toilolo or supplanting him if he falters. There's no question that if he makes it to the fourth round, in particular, the Falcons will be taking a hard look at him.

Your thoughts?