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NFL will outlaw goal post slam dunk in 2014

Fact: Tony Gonzalez has a 945 inch vertical

Mike Ehrmann

As Tony Gonzalez rides off into the sunset, no roster bonus in hand, so will the goal post slam dunk. Like the dodo and Dave's hairline, it will no longer be with us ... [insert sad face]

Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday, NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino said that the league will now penalize players who slam the ball over the goal post.

Coincidence? I think not.

Actually, as the above-linked article explains, celebrations involving the ball are technically already illegal. It's really just a matter of proper enforcement, from the NFL's perspective.

I'm not sure there's any inherent harm in allowing the players to celebrate this way. But let's be honest, Jimmy Graham ruined it for all of us. Because if there's anything the NFL doesn't like, it's a delayed game. They do everything possible to avoid delays, except during the Super Bowl. Then anything goes.

Your thoughts?