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Who are the Falcons considering in the draft?

One way to evaluate which players the Falcons may be considering in the 2014 NFL Draft is to take a look at the players they've had one-on-one meetings with.

Hat tip to Redditor Mr. Kumbi on this one, as he has painstakingly searched through Twitter and come up with a pretty solidly sourced list of draft prospects the Falcons have met with individually or will meet with individually prior to the 2014 NFL DraftWalter Football also has a good list on their site. So which players are garnering serious interest from Atlanta as the draft approaches?

Here are the players the Falcons have met with or reportedly have plans to meet with prior to the draft. All position rank information comes from SB Nation's Mocking the Draft. If a player is marked not applicable in the draft ranking, it means Mocking the Draft did not include them in their position ranking, meaning they likely expect that player to go undrafted.

 photo ScreenShot2014-03-25at114630AM.png

Clearly Atlanta is putting a focus on looking for linebackers and offensive linemen. These are the team's two biggest needs at this point, so that's probably for the best.

It's worth noting that Walter Football has coded Atlanta's interaction with Cameron Fleming from Stanford as "very interested." Fleming, ranked 12th at the offensive tackle position, is estimated to go in or around the 4th round. Fleming has great size, long arms, and a good deal of experience with 38 career starts at Stanford. He'd be a nice mid-round option for the Falcons.

A quick glance at the players Atlanta met with prior to last year's draft reveals that Seth Doege, Malliciah Goodman, Stansly Maponga, Zeke Motta, and Desmond Trufant all met with the Falcons, so it's worth keeping an eye on this as the draft approaches.

What do you think about the players the Falcons appear to be evaluating for draft consideration? Which players would you like to see in the red and black?