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Super Bowl Bidding For 2019 Begins This Summer, Will Atlanta Be A Factor?

An interesting bit of news from the NFL owners' meetings.

The Falcons are building a new stadium that our good friend Jason Kirk has taken to calling the Stankonia Dome, and it promises to be a truly impressive building. Leaving aside questions of cost and tearing down churches and all that, Falcons fans are going to love watching games in it.

That stadium is slated to open in 2017, and it's no great secret that Atlanta would like to go gunning for some of the biggest events in the world of sports. The Super Bowl will probably top that list, and it's worth noting that today at the NFL owners' meetings it was revealed that bidding for the 2019 Super Bowl will start this summer.

This is simply an intriguing bit of information to file away for later, when details start to leak and we learn whether Arthur Blank and Rich McKay are throwing their weight behind a Super Bowl berth or not. Do you believe the team should?