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Where Do The Falcons Go Next?

An open discussion of the next move the Falcons will make.

The Falcons are not done making moves. Let's get that out of the way.

There was some doubt about that, you'll recall, after the initial free agent flurry. Since then, the Falcons have cut ties with Bradie Ewing, re-signed Peria Jerry and brought both Javier Arenas and Devin Hester into the fold. With truck-sized holes at free safety and in the pass rush, the Falcons won't rely purely on the draft to address every issue, particularly if they don't get a few compensatory picks this week.

The question becomes where they'll go next, and I want to hear from all of The Falcoholic's soothsayers. What will be the next move the Falcons make in the 2014 offseason?