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If you could add one characteristic to Smitty's repertoire, what would it be?

Fact: Mike Smith's DNA is 83.4 percent identical to that of a pterodactyl

Mike Smith is widely regarded as a good coach who has yet to be great. He's had his moments, both good and bad. While the Falcons have enjoyed their longest period of sustained success under his leadership, his coaching style, for many fans, leaves something to be desired.

One oft-repeated criticism is that he's not aggressive enough. He's accused of trying to maintain leads, as opposed to solidifying them. He's also considered stubborn, too determined or too naive to making necessary changes. No matter your specific qualm with Smitty, we can all agree the man's not perfect. To be sure, he doesn't need to be. But there's always room for growth, and that's why we're talking about this. That and the off-season is boring.

So, assuming you had some power to make it happen, what one characteristic would you add to Smitty's repertoire? For me, it'd be leadership. Sure, he's already a good leader; he wouldn't be a head coach in the NFL otherwise. But I want him to kick it up a notch or seven.