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Falcons fan satisfied with outcome of bet with Roddy White

While Roddy White will not, as the initial bet specified, provide Dylan Holt with season tickets, Holt is satisfied with the outcome.

You may have heard some uproar about a casual bet Roddy White made with a Mercer University Bears fan, Dylan Holt, prior to Mercer's defeat of Duke University in the NCAA basketball tournament. Hoyt told White via Twitter that he expected Mercer to beat Duke. White, a passionate Duke fan, responded that if Mercer somehow managed to win that game--a win that most people would have considered to be a significant upset--that White would purchase Hoyt season tickets in the front row on the 50-yard line.

Now, for some context--while White can, on an elite receiver's salary, presumably afford to purchase someone those tickets, it's definitely a lot of money. This had nothing to do with Hoyt asking White to make a wager on the game--which he did not.

White has stated that he will purchase Hoyt tickets to the Falcons' matchup with the Chicago Bears in 2014, wrongly assuming that Hoyt is a Chicago Bears fan when he is in fact a Mercer Bears fan. Hoyt, for his part, has stated that he is fully satisfied with Roddy's response.

Hoyt's reaction to this situation is about as classy and mature as it possibly could be. White also clarified a couple of things about the situation which lend some valuable perspective.

Roddy White has very little filter on Twitter. Sometimes his tweets are mundane, like when he wishes the world good morning pretty much every day. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they seem inappropriate, but every tweet is always authentic White. Making the bet was kind of careless, but if Hoyt's not mad about the outcome, all's well that ends well. Hoyt certainly summed it up best with this tweet.

Dylan Hoyt, you're a credit to the Falcons' fan base. Congratulations on the big Mercer win.