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Rise Up Nation Hype Train/Questions Thread

Rise Up Nation is back with an all-new episode Tuesday night at 7:30 PM EST

Rise Up Nation's next episode is this Tuesday at 7:30 and here's your chance to ask any questions regarding the team, the writers, or whatever else piques your interest.

In the interest of keeping things interesting (see what I've done here?) we'll have a couple surprises on Tuesday. Nothing groundbreaking yet, but it should make for a good time.

There'll be plenty to talk about this week: Devin Hester's contract, Javier Arenas, free safety options, etc

We'll do the same thing as last time. The thread with the juicy red text will go up at 7 to give you all a bit of advance notice regarding the show. Hopefully this time I'll be able to pull up the online chat to see if anyone types to us. It wouldn't pull up last time (I have horrid internet) so if you said something, I apologize. I'll try to get that working this week.

If you have any questions now that you want to have answered on the show, post them here. I'll get to all of them. Promise!

As always, thanks for making the show a part of your day. Hope you'll join us on Tuesday!