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2014 Compensatory NFL Draft Picks Will Be Announced This Week

The Atlanta Falcons should get at least three compensatory picks in the 2014 NFL Draft.

The NFL owners meetings are happening this week. We could see some drastic changes to kickoffs and extra points, which we'll cover in more detail later, but what's most important to Falcons fans is the status of the compensatory draft picks.

There's no way to be certain what the Falcons will end up with until the picks are announced, but the best projections have them with three picks for the upcoming draft. One would be for Brent Grimes and should fall between the fourth and fifth rounds, while two more in the seventh round for Will Svitek and Chris Owens. That's not a bad haul by any stretch of the imagination, especially given the depth concerns the Falcons will need to address going forward.

We should have our answer by the end of the week at the very latest. How many picks do you believe the Falcons will come away with?