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How Many Young Falcons Will Step Up In 2014?

What the Falcons can and should expect from young players in 2014.

The Falcons head into draft season with a boatload of picks and a handful of free agent signings aimed at helping the team address some of its major weaknesses.If they want to be successful in 2014, however, they will need contributions from some of the young players already on the roster.

Seeing that Malliciah Goodman has been bulking up in the offseason makes me think he'll be playing end in a 3-4, where he could very well be a force. Jonathan Massaquoi finished out the season strong and it goes without saying that Desmond Trufant is someone we'll be watching closely. How many of these young players can be relied upon in 2014 as starters, or at least c ontributors?

I don't want to spike the punch, so I'll leave it to you guys to discuss. Weigh in.